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Do you smell that?

Do you smell that?

Oh Russia.

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23rd November 2017
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6 years ago #9703073        

They also claim they didn't interfere in America's election. Trump's pretty much the only person here dumb enough to believe them.

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6 years ago #9703029        

Ain't the first time something like this has happened.
*commence harp music*
*screen rippling*

FINLAND: What the...? What's up with the radiation levels...? My reactors are fine, and I sure don't have any warheads... Russia, is everything all right?
SOVIET RUSSIA: Yeah, I'm cool.
FINLAND: You sure?
SOVIET RUSSIA: Yeah, I said I'm alright!
FINLAND: Fine, fine...


SWEDEN: Uh, Finland?
SWEDEN: There's a shitload of radiation coming from across your borders... Are you alright?
FINLAND: But Russia said... Goddammit! Russia!
SOVIET RUSSIA: Yeah, what is it now?
FINLAND: Sweden told me there's a radioactive cloud coming my way from your direction!
SOVIET RUSSIA: Oh, that! One of my nuclear plants blew up in Ukraine. No biggie. :)
FINLAND: Says you, man.

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6 years ago #9703006        

Russian policy: If there's no mushroom cloud, there's no radioactive mishap.

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6 years ago #9703005        

It isn't a fart good ser, it is a gas release caused by the propulsion energy from a malfunction in the core of iron. How dare you misjudge what is going on, I shall challenge you to an open duel good ser.

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6 years ago #9703072        

*Sniff sniff* you smell that? *Sniff sniff* smells like *sniff sniff* bullshit.

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6 years ago #9703050        

*giant tumor starts growing out of the side of Russia's head*

"Blyat. I still do not know what you are talking about!"

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6 years ago #9703242        

so.... Russia farts clouds of nuclear fallout?

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6 years ago #9703030        

I know for a fact Swedish authorities have detected the release of radiation too, so probably other nations have as well.

It reminds me of Chernobyl in 1986.
It was covered up by Soviet authorities even to their own people, but the radiation leak was discovered within 48 hours outside of the Soviet Union when radiation alarms went off at the Swedish nuclear plant Forsmark, 1000 kilometers from Chernobyl.
The prevailing winds the first days after the accident spread the radiation north to us - that's why it was first detected here.

After ruling out a leak at the plant and then other Swedish nuclear plants, the leak was tracked according to the wind patterns and it was concluded that the leak came from the Soviet Union and the Swedish government notified the Soviet government of their findings.
The Soviets denied being the source of the radiation, until the Swedish government advised the Soviet government that a report was being made to the International Atomic Energy Authority.

Later that evening a 20 second announcement about an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant was broadcast on Soviet TV.
That was the first official admission by the Soviet Union that something had in fact happened, and the first information Soviet citizens outside of the absolute vicinity of the plant ever got of the accident 2 days before.

So Soviet authorities don't have a great track record on openness in question like these.
And before people point out that the Soviet Union is gone by now - Putin with his KGB background has taken up this old tradition of secrecy.
Just look at how the Russians tried to first hide and then downplay the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in 2000 - and Putin was president then too.

Swedish papers are reporting that the leak may come from either southern Russia or northern Kazakstan - it's somewhere in the area of the southern Urals.
So it may come from Kazakstan as well - but knowing the Russian states unwillingness to admit any mistakes it's highly likely it comes from Russia.

But either way it's probably not an explosion, and certainly not a nuclear explosion, behind the leak as only one type of radiation has been released.
When nuclear plants explode they spew out all kind of different radiation - so this is not another Chernobyl, at least.

We're still suffering the effects of that accident, so we'd rather not see another one of those:

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6 years ago #9703811        

Man, we need more comics with Germany and France interacting. We have such a rich history together but there is not one comic with them interacting.

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6 years ago #9703417        

Seeing how Germany once blew up a barn with cow farts, he is being a hypocrite right now.

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