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Do you smell that? 24 11, 8:15pm


The detailed evidence is classified, as showing exactly how western intelligence agencies can trace this back to Russia would tell the Russian intelligence agencies how to cover their tracks better the next time - so obviously you can't release those details.

But it's the joint conclusion of all US intelligence agencies that the Russians did interfere in the election - and that they did so in an attempt to get Trump elected.

They have briefed the political leadership in Congress (that have the security clearance to see the actual evidence) and they all accept this conclusion - Democrats and Republicans alike.
They've also released a public assessment with the general information they feel can be publicly disclosed - I've added a link to that at the bottom of this post.

Other western intelligence agencies have also corroborated these rapports with their own studies of both the US election in 2016 and other elections in Europe since.

So yes - the Russian state undoubtedly was behind this.

And the problem is that it's incredibly reckless behavior by Putin.
When Trumps presidency goes down in flames and all the contacts the people around him had with Russians are put into full context - how do you think that will influence US-Russian relations in the future?
Do you think there is ever any chance the West will lift it's economic sanctions on Russia when the Russian state wages a constant dirty war on Western democracies?

Congress - controlled by Republicans as it still is - has actually already passed a law banning Trump from being able to universally order the sanctions on Russia lifted, so even his own party doesn't trust him on Russia.

It may play into Putin's hands to have an external enemy to point to, to shore up his support at home - but this policy is certainly not good for the Russian people who see the economy of their nation suffer because of it.

The Republicans have historically been the most hawkish against Russia in the US.
Now Putin, by his actions, have managed to make the Democrats really suspicious of all things Russian as well, and as soon as Trump falls the Republicans will quickly revert back to their traditional hawkishness towards Russia - probably even more so, just to prove that they are no longer following Trump's cowing to Russia.

So how can any of this be in the best interest of the Russian people? The answer is it can't and it won't.

We can joke about it sure - but as always it's ordinary people who will be forced to pay the price when their leaders fuck up, and unfortunately now the Russian people will be paying for this as long as Putin is still in charge.

Article on the declassified joint assessment of the US intelligence agencies:

The declassified assessment itself: