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Do you smell that? 26 11, 11:45pm

"I know there is no true freedom of the press in Russia today, but I don't know if your internet access is also restricted or monitored, so I don't know how much free press ordinary Russians can actually access."

Well, let's begin your transfer in XXI century. There are such things a proxies, various addons for browsers, and other peculiar tricks that generally negate restrictions - majority of which, probably to your great disappointment, come from Internet provider companies, instead of state. And from before that and into present day exist newspapers of CPRF, LDPR, opposition parties, tJR, bloggers, even media outlets operated by migrants outside of Russian Federation - to all which, along with every single bloody foreign media outlet that is not operated by ISIS or North Korea we have access. We're not China, we do not have a Great Firewall. Again, sorry if that is a disappointing bit of news.

I am charmed that there exists such thing as "Reporter Without Border", and one of ratings websites claims Putin is supported by 78% of population. This is why usually you do not depend on media alone, when looking for something on the Internet.

"But some of the things you wrote seems very informed by Russian state propaganda, and I felt I had to correct those things.
Also, while I don't want to get you or any other Russian in trouble, it's still the case that I have yet to speak to any Russian online who have ever expressed any criticism towards Putin what so ever."

Well, maybe if you were not treating any opinion that goes along with what our media or president says as propaganda you woould've not had to be dealing less with people defending their position and more with why they have that position? For example both I am Putin are disapproving death penalty. I consider it being a legalised murder and he made few adjustments in our laws to cement the ban of that procedure.

That does not means that claiming death penalties being bad is russian propaganda, right? People can disagree over things, and they can AGREE over them, without sharing mutual interests or opinions.

And I hardly see any kind of "trouble" that you talking to people can create. Want to talk? Be my guest - Ninian#6892 in Discord. Would be way easier and productive than writing each other letters in comment section.

And you know, I really want to continue talk in there. As I said, better than flooding up comment section.

Like seriously - let's give talk a try.