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Do you smell that? 26 11, 5:02am


All right, let's try being nice. And trust me - it takes a lot of patience. Lots of it.

First of all you made mistake when made assumption of what media-sphere I am in. You know zero about me - my tastes, likes, preferences, personality, opinions, choises, morals or life. Yet you went on with giving me a big lecture. Try avoiding that in the future.

And *listen to people*. Your adored "dictator" is retiring next year. Do not believe me? Look at news at 16 of January. Each and every candidate will be on the shelf, present and known. With no alterations.

We already woke up from lethargy long ago, all the way back in 2012. I am terribly sorry, if you missed that, just as you missed, say, coutnry-wide rally of 26 March that year that been performed from Vladivostok to Sankt-Peterburg, as well as all the following rallies. Missed anti-corruption campaigns, missed rise of opposition parties on last parlamental and regional elections. Missed various little events such as petition that drove obmudsman Astakhov from his post. By the way, *man who actually bringed in initiative to bad US citizens from adopting orphants from RF*. Missed LGBT march in Peterburg, missed lots, and lots of events in my country.

Majority of your text above - is a one big chauvinistic stereotype. And worst part of it - is when you say I will only have *RIGHT* to tell you how democracy works when Putin is removed. Fix your crown on your head, it seems to be slipping down from shame. What I can or can not tell and to whom is not defined by what man serves as head representative of my country. Your problems - apparently problems of Sweden, judging by your profile - come from your country. So problems of Germany come from Germany, and problems of Spain come from Spain. No governmet is ideal. All make mistakes.

*Yours does too*. Do not trust me? Tell me, which you would've preferred - year of learning how to murder people, or taking alternative service? Because since 2018 it will be reality of your country. Congratulations on returning to the bane of youth. Do you think many of young people year of whose life now will be taken from them will be grateful to government for such a gift..?

And so you understand - I am hardly gloating. But it's the most recent serious mishap of your government I know of, that is just goes on, and on, and seems to be launched in full force in 2018. Conscription army, in XXI century. Do not tell me it's in any way "advanced" thing to do.