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Do you smell that? 4 12, 6:33am


I knew about the "Central Park Five"-story and the housing discrimination - but I'm not willing to claim that's proof positive he's a racist.

Because Trump is so messed up in other ways, he's not simple to diagnose.

Racists have a world view where one group of people are superior to others because of their ethnic origins, while in Trump's mind he's superior to EVERYONE else, simply because he is.

He knows more the any general about ISIS, he's the greatest businessman ever, he's even invented several common English words and expression - all in his own mind.

He's simply superior to any other person - completely regardless of ethnicity or education or anything else.

So is a person like him that sometimes spout racist views actually a racist - or is he operating on such an altered mental plane to most other people, that it actually becomes misleading to define him as a racist?

But he's certainly willing to use racism as a tool to get what he wants - which is the real question here.

People have already died because of the racial hatred he's ginned up - and he's sure as hell responsible for that, no matter if he's actually a racist himself or not.