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Do you smell that? 28 11, 1:05am


"Well, let's begin your transfer in XXI century. There are such things a proxies, various addons for browsers, and other peculiar tricks that generally negate restrictions - majority of which, probably to your great disappointment, come from Internet provider companies, instead of state. And from before that and into present day exist newspapers of CPRF, LDPR, opposition parties, tJR, bloggers, even media outlets operated by migrants outside of Russian Federation - to all which, along with every single bloody foreign media outlet that is not operated by ISIS or North Korea we have access. We're not China, we do not have a Great Firewall. Again, sorry if that is a disappointing bit of news."

I know all of those things exist - but not all people know how to use them, and in a society as Russia I'm not sure people dare to use them even if they do?
The Chinese firewall blocks information completely, but if people are scared enough not to search for information that will do the same trick.
But I'm only happy the more diverse news the Russian public can get of course.

"I am charmed that there exists such thing as "Reporter Without Border", and one of ratings websites claims Putin is supported by 78% of population. This is why usually you do not depend on media alone, when looking for something on the Internet."

"Reporters without Borders" is another one of those NGO's like "Doctors without Borders". They don't have a political agenda - they just fight for freedom of the press, like "Doctors without Borders" fights for every humans right to proper medical treatment.
So they're not a media organization - they're a human rights organization.
I don't know where you got that 78% number from, maybe you could provide a link?

"Well, maybe if you were not treating any opinion that goes along with what our media or president says as propaganda you woould've not had to be dealing less with people defending their position and more with why they have that position? For example both I am Putin are disapproving death penalty. I consider it being a legalised murder and he made few adjustments in our laws to cement the ban of that procedure."

I don't remember all you've written and I've replied to know, but:

"If we speak in serious manner - scandal around "russian meddling" is getting constantly inflated" is simply not the whole truth.
The Russian invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine isn't inflated - the Russian meddling in the US election and attempt at meddling in several other elections in Europe isn't inflated.
These things happened and of course they have consequences.

Obviously Putin doesn't want to take responsibility for the election meddling, but he first denied invading Crimea and then wanted credit for it at home - so we might see him come clean about the election meddling as well, if he feels he has more to gain from that somewhere down the line.
Either way - Putin regime is doing a lot of crap to mess with the rest of the world and obviously that has consequences.

Also - by doing these things and lying about it, Putin's regime now also has the credibility of a proven liar - so it's hard trusting anything that comes out of them.
Again a consequence of the actions they themselves have chosen to take.

I understand this is regularly dismissed in Russia as "Russofobia" but as I said before - no one had any reason to either fear or dislike Russia after the Cold War ended.
Some old people probably did anyway, out of old habit, but young people in the west don't.
Until Putin gave them a reason too, that is.

It's hard to see any of this making any sense - except if Putin did all of this deliberately to create a conflict with the west, to strengthen his own power at home.
Using the threat of an external enemy is after all a proven way to rally your own people behind you.

I don't claim to know what goes on in Putin's mind, but in difference to the Cold War I do think the currant Russian regime at least must have a better understanding of how the west works?

And doing the things Putin have done these last years is basically guaranteed to sour relations with the west, so it's like he's deliberately trying to achieve this.

Or he's bought into his own propaganda and actually believe Russia is such a Superpower that it can just ignore everyone else and do what ever it pleases without consequences?