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Do you smell that? 2 12, 6:45am

'@txag70' rambling and incomplete sentences are as much of technique as gestures and positioning for the cameras. Most of public speeches are 95% chaff anyway, it's just that most politicians prefer to snappy delivery of banalities and vague words. Trump breaks away with that image and instead opts for frequent digressions and referrals to supposedly common knowledge. That's actually something that Khrushchev remembered for, by the way.
Check out that text of phone call. He holds to the point, more conservative with words and doesn't derail as often as in public. Even if he had a set of cue cards ready, some of his best rambling in public is done in front of teleprompters.

Dementia is a result of organic brain damage, one way or another. Unless it was some sort of highly localized physical trauma, I don't think it could only affect vocabulary and even memory. Trump contradicting himself is not surprising, since he doesn't have that many positions that are firmly set.
He can afford to flip-flop on almost anything and not give a damn.

Actually, I've looked through a couple of Reagan's speeches in 92 and 93. Once you know of his later diagnosis, symptoms are easy to spot - frequent stops, obviously searching for words in the middle of sentence and much weaker voice. Meanwhile, Trump doesn't seem to have such issue, plus he seems to be good with names, coming up with random facts and one-liners. Actually, I bet that most of the Trump's comebacks are prewritten and memorized, otherwise he'd have to be a comedic genius.

If this is some kind of brain damage, at least one of my former bosses would pay to have some of it.