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Do you smell that? 24 11, 8:29pm


Well actually no, not really.
The "big guys" have messed with smaller countries elections yes, and even done worse.

But actually trying to interfere in the election of a major member of NATO or the old Warsaw pact?
No - that was considered way to risky during the Cold War and since there have been no need too.

But Putin is an old KGB officer and this is the kind of thing that some in the KGB would have wished they could have done back then - because this kind of covert action is KGB's wet dream.
But it's also extremely risky as it can very easily backfire if you get caught doing it - and that's why these kind of actions have always been blocked against major nations before.
Because no country is run entirely by it's intelligence agency, but there are other voices too - cautioning against doing stuff like this precisely because of the high risk.

But now, with Putin in total control, it's practically like the old KGB is running Russia - that's why this happened now.