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Do you smell that? 25 11, 10:29pm


I knew his speech is on a lower grade level then any other modern president, beating out GW Bush who held the old record for least advanced speech. But I didn't know it had been deteriorating over time - but that's not surprising really.

Because Trump is also the oldest person elected president ever.
The previous record was held by Reagan - and as you allude to Reagan began developing Alzheimer's in office.

So it's perfectly possible Trump's mind is actually deteriorating not only morally but also physically.

As everything else about him no one really knows, because like he has refused to release his tax return, he has neither released any serious medical report.

The one he released during the campaign read like it was written by himself - which it very well might have been, and then just signed by his personal doctor.
It, among other insane things, said all his test results were positive (which is actually very bad, if you know how medical tests work) and other things no serious physician would ever put in a medical report.

And his doctor then was that guy that looks like a stoner - not really reassuring.