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Long distance relationship 2 12, 6:26am

I am annoyed to see so many of my fellow Americans misinterpreting this strip. It is not glorifying North Korea. It is not saying that we should do nothing about them. However, all Trump is doing right now is making vague threats ("Fire and fury") and insulting their leader ("Crazy little Rocket Man"). In doing this, Trump is just angering North Korea, making them even more likely to lash out against the U.S. or it's allies (notably Japan).

This strip isn't arguing that the world shouldn't take action. It is saying we shouldn't rush in blindly. It is saying that, if we take action, it should be carefully planned, planned in a discreet manner, and be a decision made by the whole world, not by one man with a football.* North Korea can not reach the U.S. yet, but Kim Jong-Un is trigger happy, and can easily nuke the many countries between North Korea and the U.S.

In conclusion and summary, messing with North Korea is dangerous, and we should avoid making Kim Jong-Un angry. The world needs to come together, and plan carefully and discreetly about how to best deal with this major threat.

*The "football" is a specific briefcase that has contents which can be used by the President of the United States to authorize the usage of nuclear weapons.