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Long distance relationship 3 12, 4:01am


Well the situation will be solved in SOME way like I wrote.
The neighboring countries must adopt to the new threat of a more offensive North Korean stance in some way.

It might be - some analysts in the US are saying that - that the US will eventually accept North Korea as a new nuclear power.
Other believe the North Korean regime to be too volatile for that ever to be an acceptable solution and that North Korea's nuclear capability must be disarmed in some way.
The US lived with the threat of a nuclear armed Soviet Union during all of the Cold War - but some argue that regime was still more rational and predictable, making that a more acceptable risk.
While the North Korean regime has done extremely reckless things in the past and it's - in these analysts view - simply not possible to accept a nuclear armed North Korea in the same way.

As you say, one possible outcome would be that the Chinese support a coup in North Korea.
Not an actual invasion, but they have the best contacts in North Korea and they could possibly see to it that Kim Jong-Un was replaced by his brother or some other person on the understanding that North Korea disarm their nuclear weapons and remain content with the security guarantees offered by China.

China would certainly be happy with such a solution too - they have no real interest in seeing North Korea become a nuclear power and threaten the balance of power on their border.

There have also been some public concerns in China after the last North Korean nuclear test that set of several earthquakes along the North Korean/Chinese border.
The Chinese people have been grumbling a bit about that and the fear that radiation could leak out of the ground.

So there might possibly come a point where the Chinese leadership thinks Kim Jong-Un must go and try to depose him.
But that's also dangerous. If a coup back-fires China might end up with a nuclear armed North Korea that views it as an enemy - and that would be even worse for them of course.

Either way - Trump isn't doing any of this any better in any way of course. Literally any US presidential candidate in the last election would have been better. Because they at least understand enough to trust the professionals and follow their advice - while Trump raging egomania makes him believe he knows more about any matter then any professional.

Or "I know more about ISIS then the generals do, believe me" as he said in an interview.
That "believe me" is a tell by the way - he adds it whenever somewhere deep down in his addled psyche he knows he's actually bullshitting.