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Long distance relationship 3 12, 8:54am

@Nisse_Hult I have heard rumors about USA having detailed plans to seize the Pakistani stockpile should that country ever go from "our relationship with USA is complicated" to "Death to infidels! Aloha Snackbar!", I suspect they have reached a secret understanding about the necessity of this plan with China, if so USA might simply make a similar plan for North Korea's stockpile (in case of a regime collapse and/or a coup going horribly wrong) & work to reach an understanding with China and Russia on the matter, China seems to have had enough of Kim's BS for the time being.

Hell, in another universe USA might even offer to *build* some nukes for Pyonyang just to make sure they don't accidentaly blow themselves up building their own bombs & irradiate everything within hundreds of miles of Korean peninsula.