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Long distance relationship 4 12, 1:32am


"Understanding" is just an informal agreement so tomato/tomato.

But sure - IF the US and China ever did agree about these things it would be in the form of an understanding and not a formal, written agreement, of course as China would be backstabbing it's ally North Korea.

But what you're describing isn't actually an understading, but a US ultimatum - and I don't think the US have delivered any of those.

And if North Korea would be retarded if they don't understand the US has such plans - wouldn't it be equally retarded by the US to inform the Chinese they have such a plan?

Obviously everybody already knows everyone else have these kind of plans - it's what's known as an open secret.

The only possible use ever informing an adversary (which China is to the US) about such a thing is to seek their approval before hand - to reach an agreement (or unofficial understanding then).

But China would probably never agree to such a thing as they don't want to see the US sending any troops into North Korea for any reason.
There are all kind of secret information in North Korea that China don't want to see fall into US hands and they wouldn't trust the Americans to only do what they claim they came for if they went there - and nor should they.

If such a scenario arose it's a much more likely scenario that the Chinese would be the ones doing any disarming or securing of North Koreas nuclear weapons.
The US military themselves would probably prefer that as well - unless they totally controlled all of North Korea it would be an incredibly risky operation to send US troops into the North to try and secure specific assets.

Also the North Koreans themselves - whether there still was a functioning regime of some kind or just the North Korean people in general - would be much more accepting of such an intervention if it was carried out by the Chinese.
Not that they'd probably ever like any intervention - but if it was to happen it's still a lot better if the ones doing the intervening isn't the people you've been told for 50 years eats babies.