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Long distance relationship 4 12, 6:52am


I don't really think that's correct.

I certainly think most South Koreans would like to reunite with their brothers and sister in the North.
Remember how Germany joined back up again after the wall came down.
Or imagine if half of Finland, with it's population, had been kept enslaved for decades - wouldn't you want to see them become free like you?

There would obviously be huge costs associated with doing so, but I don't doubt most South Koreans would still want it to happen.

And the US doesn't really need a reason to keep bases on the Korean peninsula other then China. A united Korea would probably still see the US bases as a security guarantee they would like to keep around.

And the same goes for Japan.

So I don't think any of those nations really want to see the North Koreans for ever enslaved by their regime - but of course they are also worried about anything that upsets the status quo.

Because they know what the status quo is and they've learned to live with it - but any change could also become worse then what we have now.

But if the North Korean regime crumbled peacefully from within, like the Soviet Union did, I'm sure everyone except China and the North Korean regime would be very happy with that.