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Long distance relationship 4 12, 10:47pm

@Nisse_Hult "And if North Korea would be retarded if they don't understand the US has such plans - wouldn't it be equally retarded by the US to inform the Chinese they have such a plan?"

if you'd be so kind as to show me *where* I have said that Americans would *inform* the Chinese?

You keep making a lot of (wrong-) assumptions about what I am saying.

"If such a scenario arose it's a much more likely scenario that the Chinese would be the ones doing any disarming or securing of North Koreas nuclear weapons."

as I said: "China can either help or stay the hell out of Americans' way", Americans would probably be ok with China securing the weapons, and in case China won't or can't do it, Americans would want to make it clear to the Chinese that *someone* has to secure the weapons & as such China should teh very least stay out of the way while someone else does the job.