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Office Pet 12 12, 11:38am

@InDeathWeReturn First of all.. Caucasian are rare in here, have u ever seen Japanese cartoon? Looks their characters.. They're not Japanese who lived in Japan, but more likes Caucasian lived in Japan with big eyes coz Japanese/chinese peoples usually took surgery to change their small eyes, so physically Caucasian are better or as Asian we see all Caucasian more prettier... And more smart.. I ever read that, even the Asian company usually hire dump Caucasian so others can see higher value to the company even the Caucasian do nothing smart or benefit to it.. Its just for prestise... Lol.. So u much more lucky to be Caucasian here... For the same level and profession in all Asian country they paid Caucasian more higher than local.. Believed's damn true..

America wearing England's shirt