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Two fools in a restaurant 16 12, 5:52pm

@Sines Well yeah, but they did say that the avatar would stay like this if your nation actually voted him in, and maybe that was a joke but they couldn't exactly go back on that. I mean sure it's a bit unfair especially as the majority didn't even vote for him, but a lot of you did and he's such a figure that trump kinda is a stereotype for america now. It's what we hear about in the news, it's what america's known for now. Like sure it's unfair so many countries have sucky leaders and maybe they do get represented more fairly, but it is still almost half of you that voted for him so maybe suck it up and deal with it? It's what your nation decided to do (even if you're not getting portrayed like all the other countries, but you're not like all the other countries, you are very influential). When we think of america we do think of trump, not in the same way we might have thought of Obama, sadly it is a representation of your country how the world sees you now, even if we're well aware most of you, along with everyone else, doesn't really like him.