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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 2:04am


Well the perjury was that Bill Clinton denied the affair he had with the intern.
He didn't lie about having dealings with the Russians - he lied about having an affair.
Which is understandable from a human point as he obviously didn't want to admit having an affair as he was married.

Now affairs are something lot's of presidents have had throughout history, but the Republicans only tried to make a political case of it after they failed to prove any other wrongdoing on Bill Clinton's part.
They spent years claiming all manner of illegal actions by the Clinton's (and they still do - even if they can't prove any of it) - but in the end that lie from Bill Clinton about the affair was the only thing they could ever prove.

So the Republicans applied a standard that had never been applied to presidents before in their attempt to smear Bill Clinton, while they now look the other way as Trump endanger the nation on a daily basis.

So they're clearly applying completely different standards and it's blatantly political.

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