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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 4:49am


Actually "dude" it's not a bad argument at all.
But as I said to SirKibbz below, you can prove me wrong by doing the thing you believe Sines have the right to ask of Humon:

Start producing a comic to my liking.

I won't be offering you any money or encouragement for this as I expect you to do it for free, but I'll give you plenty of bitching when your comics don't live up to my expectations.

When you're willing to do what you expect others to do your argument have merit, not before.

And if you go back and look at me having posted this argument before you'll also see that the exact same points Sines made have already been made, as I said, ad nauseam before and so has the arguments against them - among others mine.

This is simply repeating endless whining that tells Humon absolutely nothing new about what some of her viewers already think.

In fact, since Sinse posted his complaint you now have a number of others coming out of the woodwork's, repeating the same old whining yet again.

If anything, this experience might just as well give Humon the impression that it would have been better to just draw brother America as Trump in this comic as well, as that probably would have lead to less pointless bitching in the comment section.

Which would obviously be the direct opposite of what all these whiners want.
So it might actually be not only pointless but even worse then pointless for them to continue whining as it might stop Humon from ever again making an exception to her own previous decision.