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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 5:07am


People who pay at least have some sort of argument to make that the product they got wasn't what they expected.

That doesn't mean that an artist like Humon looses her artistic freedom - she's still entitled to draw whatever she likes and if she had paying customers there still isn't a court in either Sweden or Denmark at least that would have allowed her customers to sue her for drawing what they didn't like.

But I could at least understand such paying customers being disappointed and I think it would be fair to let them express that view.

But people receiving free stuff has absolutely NO argument to make what so ever about the free stuff they receive.
If I where as unhappy about this comic as those whiny children complaining I simply wouldn't come here and view it any more - it's very simple!

But showing up for free stuff and then having the gall to still whine about it endlessly is just rude and ill mannered.

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