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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 5:28am


I answered the question about what paying or not paying has to do with this in another post that I guess you hadn't read when you posted this, as you replied to that post a minute after you posted this reply.
So I'll consider that question answered by that post.

Regarding your claim about legitimate constructive criticism I have already replied to that above by reminding you that nothing that's being said at this point by these whiners is in any way new to Humon.
They're not offering any new insights to her into how they feel - they're just repeatedly whining about the same thing over and over.
And you're now repeating the same arguments I've already replied to in defense of this whining - showing that neither they nor you respects what Humon and others have shown you or explicitly told you.

Humon has got the message - she just doesn't care what you think, now deal with it.