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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 5:38am


These people aren't Humons friends and many of them aren't even friendly in the way they convey their opinions.

I'm not saying all are unfriendly - if you go back and check I haven't always commented on people bringing this up as I sometimes (especially in the beginning when the Trumpified brother America was a new thing) felt that people had a legitimate right to express an opinion.

But as time moved on more and more of these comments where just bitter whining that have no legitimacy what so ever - especially not as they're comment 1625 making the exact same argument and it's clear Humon won't change her mind.

Also a friend tells a friend something like that - he doesn't post 1625 comments about it on his friends public website for the game, endlessly whining about how bad he thinks the game is.

At that point that "friend" is clearly no longer a friend, but just a whiny asshole, OK?

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