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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 5:58am


There's nothing mysterious about it - I'm just being civil.

Humon shares these comics for free because she's a kindly soul that likes to draw and has a humorous side and it brings her enjoyment to share that gift in comics with others.

To then endlessly repeat the same whining about a decision of hers to draw a certain character a certain way is clearly disrespectful.

You talked about friends in another post - go harp on a friend of yours about the same thing over and over and see how much he likes it.
He might like that sweater you hate and you might mention that once - but continue whining about that damn sweater forever and you'll soon have one less friend because no one needs an asshole like that around.

This is just common civility that people frankly should have learned growing up.

And on top of that question of basic civility, this is also a question of artistic freedom.

Humon, as the artist, has the right to draw whatever she damn well pleases.

A Dane like you SHOULD really understand that point after your country basically went to war with the whole Arab world over the right for some cartoonists to be as disrespectful to their prophet as they could.

But apparently it's important to defend Danish cartoonist right to draw Mohammed any way they like, but it's not important defend their right to draw anything else then?

Is that the lesson Danish society learned from that incident? Artists right to free speech is only important if it offends Muslims?