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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 6:10am


You think it would be a better solution to ignore the whining against Humon and send the signal that I'm OK with people bitching about free content not being to their liking and that I'm OK with an artist being pressured to change her work because others disagree with it?

Yeah sure - who needs civility or freedom of speech in a democratic society, right?

No, that's not an option because I have certain values that I believe in - like civility and freedom of speech.

So I'm not silently letting assholes try to bully others into conforming to their views just because that would be easier for me.

The people who bitch and moan at Humon needs to just shut the fuck up and accept that she has every right to draw what ever she damn well pleases and stop being such whiny assholes.
Humon's heard them and she doesn't care - they just have to learn to live with that fact.

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