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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 7:31am

@Nisse_Hult ... If that's what you get from it then I'll quite simply repeat my earlier line of minds working in mysterious ways. Really this has been a blast because of your fervor to defend an opinion I don't give a fuck about and accuse me of opinions I never once states all the while keeping a holier than god attitude to it all.
No I'm not just whining about whiners I'm defending Humon's artistical right.
No no money is not tied to a work.... except it is.
You're danish so 12 year old actions should be something you're keenly knowledgeable about
Those said actions are bad because they pissed off because of a representation of a people group but when people get a bit annoyed with the depiction of a people group in a comic it's protection of the artist's right.
Refute them all you want but that's what this conversation has been boiled down to all the while I enjoy the great confusion over the point you're trying to make

America wearing England's shirt