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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 12:19pm



>This has been explained ad nauseam to you people complaining about this already so your choices are to keep enjoying the free comics or you can always leave.

Just because something is FREE doesn't mean it's immune from criticism. It's like you don't understand that there can be a middle ground between liking most of the aspects of something and having some small issues with it. And I loooooove this point as well. "If you don't like it just leave!" No, Humon is a big girl; she CHOSE to have a comment section on her comic. She CHOSE to give people an outlet for us to comment on aspects of her comic. Any content regardless of its origin is NOT IMMUNE FROM CRITIQUE.

>You or anyone does however not have the right to bitch about the free content you get not being to your liking - that's just rude and certainly won't win you any friends.

If you think this, I got some bad news. Maybe in real life this applies. But here on the internet, prepare to have you ass handed to you on a plater if you think something you make is immune from criticism.