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I was thinking about Germany and Nazi Germany, but it's a big difference. First off, Trump isn't committing genocide. This isn't the difference between "Invade and butcher" vs. "Let in millions of refugees" that there is in Germany.

Second, though, America was ALREADY Trump. Loud, obnoxious, kinda ridiculous, doesn't play by others rules. Trump is pretty much the physical manifestation of MURICA.

But by drawing him as Trump, it devalues the broader context of those values. Of those loud and obnoxious farmers who had the ridiculous idea to challenge the British Empire, and followed that up with the even more ridiculous idea of letting the commoners say whatever they want.

My country is not Trump. It's Trump AND Obama. It's Washington and Lincoln. It's Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. It's every Hollywood actor and every redneck farmer. It's the men who fought to end slavery, and the men who fought to maintain it. It's all of us, at our best, and at our worst. To boil us down to one particular leader, when the only other time this happens is for literally the Nazis, it's an insult and an utter misrepresentation. It hurts the spirit of the comic, which, until the election, tried to take a broad-brush approach to each of the countries, unless explicitly dealing with a historical event.