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Two fools in a restaurant 17 12, 1:12pm

@Mr_Plinkett #9710993

Rule #1 on the internet. Find a very small forum with a community of no more than 20 people. Or get used to taking shit :D

There's a reason I spend far more time on the GameFAQs boards of decades old video games, than I do on broadly available social media.

Honestly, I don't comment down here too often, because I don't like dealing with shit. I constantly avoid defending or attacking Trump, or even saying whether or not I voted for him, because taking a clear side, and trying to defend it, means taking even more shit. It's not something I'm up for all of the time.

So if Humon wants to stop telling friendly satircal jokes, and start commenting on modern events, well... I assume she's not so stupid as to not know what she's getting into.

Oh, and @Nisse_Hult? My comment was my free work. What right do you have to complain about it? You can enjoy my comment, and have a discussion with me, or you can just leave.