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Two fools in a restaurant 18 12, 2:36am

@Sines @Mr_Plinkett

It's not entirely your own fault really, that you are so clueless.
This is the world you've grown up in and since your parents failed you, you had to figure it out for yourself and that's not easy.
And you're not alone either.
There is a whole subset of your generation of young men in the western world that will end up like losers in their moms basement for the rest of their lives, because they never figured out how the real world works and understood that the fantasy world online they grew up in isn't actually real.

So let me tell you this, to give you at least a chance:

There are no different rules for the internet - life is life, regardless if it happens online or off.

So when you act like whiny assholes online, that's as obnoxious as if you would have done so IRL and people will respond to you in the same way.

Because you type this safe behind your keyboards where the social effects of your assholery doesn't immediately come back to haunt you, you live in the mistaken belief that there are no social consequences.

But there are.

Because acting like whiny assholes online, believing you have the right to complain about what others do, while you yourself contribute nothing of value to society or this community - that will poison your soul and turn you into another one of those entitled whiny little man-babies who waste their life away in moms basement, hating on everyone and everything online because they failed in life themselves.

But obviously that's not their fault of course. Oh no - it's the liberals, the immigrants, the minorities and always the women.
No one is apparently more at fault when men fuck up their own life then women.

So there you go boys - that's what you have to look forward to unless you mend your ways.

I've given you fair warning anyway.

Oh, and @Sines? Your last comment makes no logical sense, as whining isn't actually free work for anyone as no one wants it.
Your whining is as desirable to me as my shit is to you so I guess you'll be wanting my shit in the mail then - right?

But you posted this nonsensical comment anyway, because you mistakenly believe that being snarky is a sign of great intelligence and wit and that you "win" arguments online by being snarky.
Because that's how the whining man-babies you've learnt from online want the world to work.
They're not socially skilled enough to make it in the real world, or smart enough to make rational arguments that can convince anyone online, so all they have to fall back on is snark, resentment and bile against anyone more successful then themselves.

But all the bile in the world won't change the fact that they are losers - and if you continue on the path you're on - so will you be.

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