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Two fools in a restaurant 18 12, 4:57am


"your fervor to defend an opinion I don't give a fuck about"

The only opinion I've stated is my own and I'm sure you don't give a fuck about that, but that's how a discussion works so you shouldn't be surprised by it.

"and accuse me of opinions I never once states"

I've never accused you of holding any opinion at all. I simply acknowledged the fact that you can't (or won't) answer a simple question and drew my own conclusions from that. You could easily have avoided that completely by simply answering the question - but if you don't answer, people will draw their own conclusion from that - that's just how the world works.

"all the while keeping a holier than god attitude to it all"

Well "dude", what can I say? Sorry this didn't turn out to be the walk in the park you expected?

"No I'm not just whining about whiners I'm defending Humon's artistical right.
No no money is not tied to a work.... except it is.
You're danish so 12 year old actions should be something you're keenly knowledgeable about
Those said actions are bad because they pissed off because of a representation of a people group but when people get a bit annoyed with the depiction of a people group in a comic it's protection of the artist's right.
Refute them all you want but that's what this conversation has been boiled down to all the while I enjoy the great confusion over the point you're trying to make"

Actually I've said none of those things

(apart from you being partly right about the Mohammed cartoons. I've never actually demanded that you as a Dane should be "keenly knowledgeable" about them though - I just think you should know about the general debate since it was - and still is - a big deal.
I didn't demand that you know the name of the cartoonist or the name of the paper the cartoon was first printed in or any other detail.
That there was a conflict over cartoons depicting Mohammed - that was about all you needed to know, but in your mind that became "keenly knowledgeable" - which it really isn't. Any Dane should know that much at least.)

Other then that it's just your biased description of a discussion that didn't go the way you expected it to - but what did you really expect when you started this?

You came at me with "Dude I've seen you do this before and your argument is... bad... nothing more complicated than that." and then you couldn't produce a single new argument then ones I've already answered many times before from others like you.
And when I answer them again to you, you still repeat them since you have nothing else.

This was a bad idea from the beginning as you didn't have a thoroughly thought out argument and you couldn't provide rational responses as soon as I questioned your initial argument.

There's a lesson here.

You could do as you have in your last post - just mischaracterize everything I said and reject the experience of what actually happened.
Or you could use it as a learning opportunity to work on you argumentative skills and arguments to the next time you find yourself wanting to debate someone.