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Two fools in a restaurant 19 12, 4:01am

It's affected every other country's view of the US. To many, #45 *IS* now America, and reveals the sort of people we were all along. We could say the comic is pretty truthful in that regard.

It's also been a major time of change for the US.


We're at record levels when it comes to political and social division.

Charleston had some "very nice people."

Related: KKK, Neo-nazi, and other hate group membership, has surged.

The women's march was the largest, single-day protest in all of US history.

Previous presidents are breaking national tradition, and are speaking out. Together, and regardless of political party.

Depending on who you ask, #45 is the cause, or is a symptom of social movements that fed into the above.

In that way, I suppose it is fairly accurate. :/