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Two fools in a restaurant 20 12, 2:26am


Well "mate", I've been around this real world for twice the time you have, so let we tell you what I wrote in another reply to Sines and Mr-Plinkett:

A lot of you young guys online live in the mistaken belief that there is a difference between life on- and offline. Sines and Mr Plinkett both makes reference to that "fact" as well.
But that's a completely mistaken belief, because the exact same social rules apply whenever humans interact.

The fact that you, safe behind a keyboard, can act like a whiny asshole without suffering the immediate social consequences of your action doesn't make that action more OK.
Try being a whiny bitch and complain about something countless others have already complained about, countless times already in real life and see how popular that action makes you.

A clear downside of the anonymity online is the lack of these direct social consequences and it's obvious some people can't handle that responsibility. Unfortunately this is especially true for young men (who have always, generally speaking, been less socially skilled then women) who have grown up with these anonymous social interactions online and not really learnt to understand that the same social rules apply everywhere.

But just because you've grown up in a largely consequence-free online world where you could behave in a way that certainly won't be accepted in the real world you talk about, that doesn't make that behavior OK online either.

Because your rights don't extend to the right to be a dick. Sure - technically they do in the real world as well, as it's not illegal to be a dick.
But it's still not consequence-free, like you and so many other young men today seem to believe.

And when you put your "right" to whine over the importance of being respectful to others - then you're acting like a dick.

Humon knows full well a lot of people are unhappy with her decision to draw brother America like Trump - that has been pointed out countless times, again and again by some very bitter people who simply won't respect her decision.
Because this is what's it about:
This is her comic, it's her decision to draw it however she damn well pleases and we, her viewers, simply have to respect her decision even if we happen to disagree with it.
Or we can always leave, if it bothers us that much.
But continue hanging around only to whine about something it's clear Humon won't change and no one has the right to expect her to change is simply rude - or simply put being a dick.

Now act like this in real life and you will fail socially fairly quickly. No one wants a whiny bitch around that can't accept anything that's not to his liking.
Which is why the developed world is now seeing the creation of a class of social outcasts. Whiny little man-babies living in their moms basement for the rest of their lives, bitching and whining about everything that doesn't suit them online, since they've failed to make it in the real world.

That's where people (mostly men) who believe that their "rights" trumps social rules for common courtesy and respect end up.
If you don't want to end up there you'd better adjust your thinking as the entitled attitude you, Sines and Mr Plinkett have given proof of here is poisoning your mind.

Respect Humons choice to do as she please and stop believing that what YOU think is so damn important, OK?