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Two fools in a restaurant 20 12, 3:00am


They're living in an alternate reality - that's the psychological explanation, anyway.

Deep down they actually know their policies will screw up the nation and ordinary people, but they also know these policies benefits themselves immensely personally, so to live with themselves they lie to themselves.

And construct this right-wing alternate reality where huge tax cuts for the rich and corporations will benefit the nation as a whole and ordinary citizen (despite it haven been PROVEN many different times that they actually don't).

And since they want the tax cuts and the conservative judges and everything else they hope to get with a republican president in office, they shut their eyes to the qualities of that president.

So they elected a man who's on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women, and they tried to elect a man credibly accused of sexually molesting young teenage girls.

It would be easy to call them simply evil or mentally ill - but most of them are in fact neither. They're simply in denial about reality and live instead in a fantasy world of their own creation where no bad thing any republican has ever done is real and the democrats are always pure evil.

That's the only way they can live with themselves, psychologically, I believe.