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Two fools in a restaurant 20 12, 7:04pm


I'm surprised to see a grown man stroke young men's worst impulses like this.

You've been alive and part of this world long enough to know that there is a difference between what you have the right to do and what you should do.
What the (mostly young men) complaining about Humon's choice to depict brother America claim are that it's their right to endlessly whine and complain about Humon's decision - which she has every right to make.
This is not about informing her of their opinion - that was done months ago by numerous people already.
This is just repeated, bitter whining that she doesn't conform to their expectations that she make changes to her comic just because they feel she should.

This is certainly not about freedom of speech - this is about common courtesy and civility.
These people still complaining simply doesn't respect Humon's right to decide over her own comic.

Now you're old enough to know that people acting like this in real life are simply seen as dicks.

These are the people bitching about the food at the company Christmas party not being to their liking - while everyone else accept it. Or the people in the local community complaining about their neighbors Christmas decorations just because they think they are ugly. And I'm not talking about stating an opinion, mentioning something once - I'm talking about the ENDLESS WHINING of some people.
We've all met these entitled people who believe that THEIR opinions are the only ones that matter and who expects everyone else to conform to their views - and we all know they're just dicks.

Because young people today have grown up largely online, where the negative social consequences of being a dick aren't as starkly felt, many of them (especially men, since we're generally less socially skilled them women anyway) has grown up with an inflated sense of self-importance.
They believe it's their right to say and do anything to anyone (online anyway) consequence-free - because that's their experience in life so far. The problem with this is that this entitled mindset then crashes with reality when they don't get away with this behavior in real life without suffering seriously negative consequences.

That's one of the reasons why the western world is now experiencing the creation of a new group of social outcasts - predominantly young men who's failed at life, living in their moms basement, spending much of their time online bitterly complaining about how unfair everything is to them.

We as grown men shouldn't encourage this behavior - it's doing these people are terrible disservice to pretend that their sense of entitlement is justified on some principled grounds.

Because it's not.
They're just acting like dicks and they need to realize that and mend their ways, or they risk throwing their life away as whiny man-babies that no one will ever enjoy the company off.