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Two fools in a restaurant 21 12, 1:47am


I'm [unfortunately] not surprised your such a bigot. It is about freedom of speech and your desire to suppress it.

There are limits on freedom of speech, which is right, in terms of hate speech or incidents that can cause harm - the classic case of shouting fire in a crowded space applies here. However if someone makes statements in a public location, and nowadays that include the internet, then others have the right to disagree with them and state that disagreement.

Like you I strongly dislike Trump and his actions but support for them should be countered by reasoned debate, not declaring people aren't allowed to say anything. Apart from any moral issues that would just make such people martyr and encourage their viewpoint. Something which I realised long ago. As long as they don't exceed the limits of free speech they can say what they like and others can counter them.

As such I stand with Voltaire's famous statement, or similarly Martin Niemöller's famous lie. It is both my moral duty and in my interests to opposes attempts to prevent debate. [Since you used the same argument when Humon went OTT on the Britexit issue.]

You have a point in terms that in a number of areas in the modern world a moaning culture has been encouraged but that is far from restricted to young people who spend too much time on-line.