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Two fools in a restaurant 21 12, 5:51am


You're projecting.
Bigots are the ones trying to silence Humon here.
Because that's all they're trying to do. They're not telling Humon anything she hasn't already heard hundreds of times. This has nothing to do with free speech - this is just constant whining by people who simply won't accept that Humon has every right to draw her own comic as she wishes and that she has every right to ignore their views.
People who can't accept her right to her personal and artistic freedom are simply intolerant dicks.

And intolerance towards such intolerance is not a vice but a virtue.

Go back and look at when these objections where first raised and you'll find I've never tried to suppress anyone's free speech. I've debated this countless times and I have never called for having people banned or their comments removed for them simply whining about this.
I'm not trying to suppress anything - I'm trying to teach people who lack it manners.

You could just as well tell the mom's in the queue at your local Tesco they're supressing their kids freedom of speech when they tell them not to whine about candy the next time you go.

Because that's exactly what I'm doing here - trying to teach those who doesn't know better how to behave.

And I've said nothing about Trump, as this has nothing to do with Trump.
This is about common civility.

"Since you used the same argument when Humon went OTT on the Britexit issue."

Aha, so THAT'S what's really bugging you then. You believe Humon "went OTT on the Brexit issue".
Which is why you side with the whiners of course - because you too feel that Humon has wrongly expressed an opinion you didn't like to see expressed.
Otherwise you wouldn't characterize her comic on Brexit as "OTT".

OK, so you're basically like the whiners then - another resentful little man that can't accept that the creator of this comic has the full right to depict the world as she sees it.

You're better then them in that you're not still actively whining about the wrong you think Humon committed by expressing a different view then yours - but you're still hurt enough by it that you have to bring it up now and reveal your true motive.

"As such I stand with Voltaire's famous statement, or similarly Martin Niemöller's famous lie. It is both my moral duty and in my interests to opposes attempts to prevent debate."

Well that's just a load of bullshit of course - but I guess it feels good to tell yourself you have a noble motive as you complain about a person who's only fault is having hurt your Little Englander feelings.

And please provide a link to where I ever used an argument as weak as comparing myself to Voltaire or Niemöller - that would be really interesting to see, as I always cringe when people do.