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Two fools in a restaurant 22 12, 12:04am


... Whether or not your point is valid the venom and anger you are showing kills any chance you have of convincing anyone to join you. If anything all you are doing is validating others opinion of being in the right. People make clear and reasonable comments, to which you respond with anger and insults.

And to your opinion that nothing said once should be said again, I remind you that we are not one entity. These comments are made up of dozens if not hundreds of individuals from around the world. We do not share the same language, background, humor, or view points. If a statement is made by one it is the view of one person out of many. If it is made by many It is not one person saying it over and over again. It is many voicing their agreement with the opinion.

Step back from the computer and read what you are saying out loud. If you heard a stranger using the tone you are would you think they were making a valid point or would they sound like they were trying to shout someone down?