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Two fools in a restaurant 23 12, 1:19am


"As you say you have no comprehension of the results of your actions"

I phased that badly I admit. I should have said as you display. I sit corrected there.

"your a god and hence everything you do is perfect"

That is definitely your stance since you assume you are always totally right and anyone who dares to disagree with you is utterly wrong. And your refusal to ever consider you might be in error. [I could have used another of my favour quotes there about closed minds but it would also have totally passed you by]. Hence your habit of responding with lies and insults when someone stands up to you.

Basically your never going to be anything but a closed minded bigot whos convinced your always right, regardless of what everybody else says. That's why you think its your right to demand suppression of opposing views. Fortunately your an egotical idiot rather than the autocrat you desire to be so I can ignore your hate rants.

I don't like you because of your intolerance. You don't like me because I think differently than you. Lets leave it at that.