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Two fools in a restaurant 23 12, 7:50am

Is it all of them? No? OK, then think about how many companies aren't doing that. Was the fiscal cost to the government worth it?

I had to hunt to see what comment you were responding to. Did you think that because I said 'economy' that meant a response about taxes just answered all objections?

Do you know how many American civil servants are likely to lose their jobs under this kind of administration? How many Medicaid recipients are going to suffer if Paul Ryan finally gets to slash Medicaid? How abusive the entire system of post-secondary education has become due to 'conservatives' removing public support for universities? The economy is more than taxes!

But really, I'm worried about the cost to the sciences. Rich countries, big countries, and powerful countries fund big science. Steve Harper attacked science in Canada, and Trump/Pence are doing the same in the USA. Silvio Berlusconi was basically trying to play at being President while acting like Hugh Hefner and keeping the media (which he largely owned) full of distractions and fluff. Trump is dangerous in part because he is like a teetotal version of Berlusconi; and Pence may an even bigger 'religious right' kook than Steve Harper and seems like much less of a nice guy. (I don't think Harper ever took a thousand-mile detour to disrespect a few football players.)

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