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Two fools in a restaurant 23 12, 10:17pm

@niauropsaka If people are that worried about all the government's pet projects, they can donate money.

Look, I appreciate your concern, especially about the various social services. It's because I'm in the system that I don't trust the government. Inept bookkeeping, questionable appropriation of funds, a tangled mess of red tape, and worse. I hate the current system.

I've also been to college. Even with government support (or perhaps because of it) tuition has been rising to the point where trying to get any kind of degree could easily put you in debt for life. Something has to change.

I agree the economy is more than taxes. It's people having money to spend so that companies can afford to make products and pay their employees. I don't see how letting people keep more of the money they earn so they can spend it however they want is a bad thing.

As for Trump being dangerous, I honestly can't argue with that. Sometimes a leader has to be dangerous.