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Two fools in a restaurant 25 12, 10:16am


As I've already told you, I'm old enough to be your dad so I know a lot more about growing up then you do.

And one of those things are that as you grown up, you learn that things don't always go down the way you want in life - and that you don't have the right to expect them to.

Other people will sometimes have the right to make decisions you disagree with and you have to learn to accept that fact as a grown up and not whine about it like a little kid.

Now either you'll learn that one day too, or you'll remain an entitled little man-child for the rest of your life - like your current president.

But unlike him you weren't born a billionaire, so you can't buy your friends or partners, but actually have to behave in a manner that's attractive to others human beings.

And being an entitled little man-child isn't.