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When cultures meet 30 12, 5:12pm

@HelsinkiAngels Actually snorting (meaning pulling up slime and nasal liquids by inhaling fiercely) is much more healthy than blowing one's nose. The high air pressure caused by vigorously blowing through a (partial) blocked nose presses everything including germs into the paranasal sinuses. Which are nice warm and humid semi locked cavities where named germs can live long and prosper :-)
Spitting and coughing or sneezing without measures to stop the infectious spit flying all around the room does not harm the spitter's, cougher's or sneezer's health, but everyone else's.
Lessons learned: use a handkerchief or tissue to catch your germs when sneezing or coughing (or your elbow, otherwise you get the infectious stuff on your hands ready to distribute everywhere you touch) to protect your fellow humans, and snort up all that stuff to guard your own health. And don't spit under any circumstances.