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Matter of Perspective 5 1, 1:39pm

@NetherlandsFan We have all these great values, like freedom and justice, but they are based on some very immoral foundations. In the original colonies, there was an idea of 'freedom of religion', which attracted many immigrants from Europe, who soon found out that it was, instead, 'freedom of MY religion'. The colonizers went in the first place because they didn't like religious persecution, but then they put religious restrictions into place as well, with the exception of Rhode Island. Then there was the whole slave trade from Africa. In America, we would like to think of George Washington as this great symbol of freedom, but he was a slave owner, as was Thomas Jefferson, the one who wrote 'all men are created equal'. Well obviously he didn't really believe that, or he wouldn't have owned slaves! Then came Abraham Lincoln, who reunified the North and the South and abolished slavery, but there's not really anything good to say about the time period he came from. And even though slavery was abolished, the discrimination continued. This was partly based on the fact that slaves that had just been freed had not gotten an education yet, so they were portrayed as unintelligent. But even when African-Americans had the right to vote, they had to pass a literacy test before they could actually vote, which many of them couldn't pass. And this was just the African Americans. Before the Civil War started, we had Andrew Jackson, who drove out the Native Americans from their territory just so that we could continue expanding west. On the Trail of Tears, two people died every mile. Then there was the early twentieth century, when immigration from Italy and Eastern Europe into America was at its highest. They weren’t considered to be white by the Americans there, and consequently, they weren’t given the same rights that other people had. People say, “Oh, we have this great democracy, where all men are created equal, and we have freedom and equality, and all this.” But then they act all hypocritical like this, and it continues, right up until now, when we elected Donald Trump as president. He’s going to get us in a war if he doesn’t stop, making direct threats to Kim Jong Un like he does.
No wonder people want to move to Canada.

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