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Matter of Perspective 9 1, 7:52am

@Ziebenhaub_the_Texan I agree. The thing is that the "American View" is in a the Golden one's Sweden.( edit: He's a fascist don't watch his videos) People seen to not realize that Sweden was never a macho man superpower, and the average american is not a god. Not that "all swedes are gay" and "americans are stupid" is an argument, swedes can be manly, it was a european power, and americans can be great, and the values of many are great. The thing is that your world view can't be based on "my country is great, the problem comes from something else".You are eliminating your pitfalls so that you can say "everything I AM DOING is great" and say "it's the ------ Fault!" so that you create a fictional USA, or Sweden, or Denmark, or Turkmenistan in wich everyone agrees with you, and call it The Good Times, but really, they are the """""""""""Good Times""""""""""""". Everyone has faults. I live in brazil. If you are as white as a lebanese, people think you're white. The reason the US can be how it is natural, the job of the president is NOT make the US great again(whatever that means), it's making people confortable in a world that will drag then down, and maintain the promise of who came before you.
your comments are great. remember: In the recent Earth metagame there's buffs for Canada.

America wearing England's shirt