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I'm Batman! 14 1, 7:31am

@Zeust Don't know much about Naruto. Well, I don't know much about Superman, either. But, you know, less about Naruto. Could it be that it's not really about drunks with superpowers but about how the drunks remember the night before? ;-)

As for the musicians, that's kinda tricky. On the one hand, superheroes usually rely on physical prowess of some sort (seriously, they are usually much dumber and stronger than their antagonists) whereas creating music is much more cerebral (and thus dips more into not necessarily morally ambiguous but less-than-heroic territory).
On the other hand, drug-using musicians are usually much less frequently depicted as a role model than superheroes and their drug use usually bites them in the ass in some way (of course, entirely fictional drug-addled musicians are rare and in the case of biographies the downsides of drug (ab)use are typically written by real life).
On the third hand (lots of hands here) it largely depends on the drug you take. Alcohol is a depressant while, say, cocaine is a stimulant. I doubt that anyone has ever done anything worth doing both under the influence and because of heroin. I could go on but quite frankly, I don't know much about drugs.
On the fourth hand (second foot?), I somewhat doubt that there will ever be a summer action blockbuster about an artist using his drug-powered super song writing (or painting, sculpting or whatever, it's really not just musicians, is it?) to save the day against monsters, supervillains or something.