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Let Italian men live 15 1, 2:27pm

I'm mostly just happy Sister Norway didn't dismiss the guy out of hand, and asked for more information.

In my own experience, sexism againt men centers around treating us as criminals-in-waiting, unwarranted constant suspicion, that we should somehow have to prove that we are not child-molesters on a case-by-case basis, because the default assumption is that we would rape anything we could catch if we thought we would get away with it (and no acknowledgement of how horrifically insulting that is to any decent person) or that we are just generally disposable and easily replaceable in most any context.
No one seems to care what happens to us once a woman has decreed we are unwanted. There are women's shelters all over every city, but no men's shelters and few generic ones, which will often turn away a father with a child, considering splitting them apart the better choice for the child's sake, and that breaking up the family would be preferable to helping them (and again, no one seems to care what happens to the dad, only the child).
As the comedian observed: "If you see a homeless man with a dog, you feel sorry for the dog."

Most sexism against women (in the current age, and in my part of the world at least) seems centered around women being treated as sexually desirable, at times they don't want to be evaluated on their desirability, by persons they don't want to be desired by, or expressed in ways they don't care for.

That's fine; I don't dispute that most of that is, at the least, rude behavior, or could be inappropriate for the time, place, and circumstances.

I just think being treated like you don't deserve to be alive is inherently much worse.

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