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White on white hate crime 16 1, 7:58pm


Actually I can find no credible proof of your claim on any reputable source online - but please provide such a source if you want to stand by your claim. Otherwise that claim of yours seem to be patently false.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

And Know Your Meme:

Of course 4chan is a well known cesspool where racists, mymisogynists, neo-Nazi's and the likes congregate online and far from being a "harmless message" like the racists promoting it claim it to be, this message is a racist dog whistle when displayed in this way.

Because while the general statement that it's OK to be anything is obviously OK, the singular statement that it's OK to be white plays into the racist stereotype promoted in the entire western world for centuries.

It's like putting up signs saying "It's OK to be rich" or "It's OK to be slim" - no one need to be reminded that it's OK to be the things that are socially desirable in our culture. Doing so is thus only sending the dog whistle message that it's actually NOT OK to be poor or overweight - or in this case anything but white.

It's thus not sending a positive and empowering message to a group subjected to discrimination - but promoting a sense of victimhood popular in the white supremacy movement these days.

In their views, questioning the racist stereotype (and in their view completely true statement) that people of white skin is simple better then people of darker skin, is threatening.

When in fact it's of course not threatening at all to accept the simple fact that skin color says nothing about a persons abilities or qualities.

Only racist have a problem accepting that simple fact and only they feel threatened by the recent decades development towards a more inclusive and equal society in the west.
That's also why the far-right movement (which is predominantly made up of men) are also so misogynistic.
They likewise feel threatened by the gains in equality being made by women in the last centuries and react in the only way they know how - with hatred and vitriol.

And I say this as a white European male.

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