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Two fools in a restaurant 18 1, 12:00am


How stupid are you - really?

Sweden is one of the most secular countries in the world - there is certainly no laws against taking the lords name in vain here you silly, silly man.

Since you're a cowardly little wimp you won't even reveal what country you live in, but I'm pretty sure you could be put in jail for hate speech as well. Almost ever single western nation has statutes on the book regarding that - even if they're not always defined as laws against "hate speech" specifically.

But what hate speech laws act against is incitement to violence towards groups of people - and that's illegal everywhere.

Try standing up in any western country and incite violence and hatred against anyone, and you're almost guaranteed to break some law.

Regarding refugees rioting I don't have to worry either. That's just right-wing propaganda - it's not a real problem.

Also, if you weren't such a coward I could have checked the crime statistics and odds are you're probably living in a country with more crime, drug and violence then Sweden - since our crime stats compare favorably with most other nations.