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Big Bad Wolf 19 1, 6:26pm

@comrade_Comrade what they talk about is that most people that want wolves in Norway, and simply tell the sheep farmers to either “get a fence”, “get a sheep herder”, and that they earn more than enough money to easily deal with wolves simply doesn’t know shit. Pretty much every single person that so desperately wants wolves to wander freely around in Norway is living in a city or something, and probably haven’t even been on a farm, and especially not a sheep farm where they’ve been visited by wolves that managed to dig under the “predator safe” fence and killed of all the sheep there is. Wolves kill. And if they get the chance, they’ll kill everything they can get their teeth in. I’m not saying they do if for fun. But I’m simply stating the fact that wolves are dangerous predators, and they have been portrayed that way in fairytales etc FOR A REASON.