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Yogurt as far as the eye can see 26 1, 4:39pm

@LuthersMinion #9725633

Not really, because natural yoghurt has the same colour as milk and doesn't smell any.

Piimä, which is really big in Finland and marketed internationally as 'kefir', is also the same colour, but might smell just a bit sour. Not bad though, just a sort of fresh sour.

Fil or filmjölk (two slightly different variants, in Swedish)/viili (in Finnish) is another fermented milk product that also has the colour of milk (though there might be thin layer on top with the colour of cream) and doesn't smell.

Then there's skyr (Icelandic I think), which in consistency is similar to viili, but doesn't really taste the same.

All of these are ways to preserve milk so that it doesn't go a bad sour as it otherwise would if stored.